Let’s talk about Fashion .. Shirts, Dresses and More .. to Shine this Summer!

A very summer temperature and style

Are already in the August and at this time we can not ignore the importance of our image.

That’s why these days of holidays always have the ability to showcase our figure with several proposals that will be able to complement your whole wardrobe.

Womens shirts and tops with lots of personality and very original designs to highlight our curves with a casual style with its own effect.
The prints never go out of style and stripes of bright colors, we demonstrate that the sailor style is always a good option that will provide a youthful and elegant touch to our most beach, country or city slicker look.
Off cuts of myocardial called exclusivity thanks to its original design marked by colored lace on the back that is exposed by its semitransparent fabric decorated with delicate bonds of the same color.

Top con lazos y encaje con calaveras, camiseta de rayas con lazos y encaje

Another similar style that is becoming increasingly popular is the embroidery colors are usually carried on the back in garments like tops both printed or plain colors always called by its original effect.

Sexy top con escote con encaje en la espalda, camiseta sexy con la espalda bordada
We propose dazzle with this style top with black embroidery on the back, which is becoming more usual, thanks to the convenience that it offers us a fresh, sexy air, which can also be supplemented with all our clothing, in all ages the year.

These womens tops, which are available in various colors, give our look sensual and unique touch, marked by the latest trends that are re inventing not forget that this piece will always be present, but more original modifications that highlights our figure.

Top con tigre estampado de manga corta, camiseta con tigre estampado sexy
Another trend that is making a lot this year is torn style fashion, pants, dresses, shirts or tops are becoming more common to see in bright holes in all the points of the garment, which give our image a bold and sexy effect .

That is why we present these original shirts in stretch fabric with holes that stand out in our back and arms, which can be found in various colors to choose for us mark trend with style and a sultry air that stick perfectly with our whole wardrobe.

Sexy top con estampado atado en la espalda, camiseta atada con estampados
Continuing prints that stand out in all kinds of clothing .. We show this style sweetheart neckline top with bow-tie our neck exposing our back. A unique and striking proposal that will highlight our curves and to shine when we take on, thanks to its glued rhinestones under the bust, giving us to understand that the exclusivity provided by the timeless brilliance.

We continue with the brightness, but this time featuring sequin us that today is being used not only for prom dresses.

Also see setting trends in clothing of the youth, current and sexy fashion for women of all ages, clothing such as tops and shirts, as is the case with this V-neck top embellished with sequins 2 colors highlighted in the shoulders and bust of the woman, creating a unique and sophisticated look that we can mix with all our clothing in all seasons.

Sexy top con escote v con pedreria en X, camiseta muy sensual con acentuado escote
We shine to remind the network fabric is reinventing itself. Clothing of all kinds are increasingly being a regular part of our wardrobe. It is the case of the top network for women with long sleeve fitted low-cut design that we can mix with pants, leggings, skirts, etc.. As an ideal complement if we wish to give our look a very sexy effect and daring that will highlight our curves.

Sexy top de red con vientre al aire, camiseta corta de red y manga larga

The sexy fashion is taking in all the women’s clothing, fall to our imagination, we embroidered on the back and the brightness does not leave anyone indifferent, that is why this same philosophy we apply to tops and dresses as in the case of this daring sexy dress with striking backless with embroidery and shiny rhinestones decorating that will shine and highlight the color of our skin.

Espectacular vestido corte asimetrico estilo flamenco, vestido corto escote v sexy con volantes
As the sexy style is not for everyone, we also present a more casual and elegant style dresses neckline, which offers a sophisticated and original touch to our look.
Vestido largo tejido tipo gasa, vestido largo elegante con o sin cinturon incluido
Long dresses and casual chic style are the perfect bet if we wish to highlight a unique touch on important events such as weddings, christenings, and parties of all kinds.
Events that dazzled regardless of the season of the year. This proposed effect long dresses with silk fabric available in 10 colors and 2 styles to choose from, with or without a belt, with or without lace flowers on the back, perfect clothing option that offers comfort and style in all our events
Vestido sexy de palabra de honor con pliegues, vestido con pliegues sexy de coctel
And finally we present the original, especially designed for our proposal more formal events, cocktail dresses with sweetheart neckline, which highlights a unique style corset in the back with adjustable ties and gauzy skirt to the knee satin effect fabric which will deliver more comfort and chic partying our look.

We conclude this space dedicated to the hottest fashion and much more, reminding them that if you liked these unique styles, we find in www.agiltienda.es with physical store open to the public, in the province of Barcelona, ​​exactly Taradell, Osona.
Thank you for following us and for a future entry.

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