Tejanos vaqueros pitillo

Ye shall have awakened many these days with this thought in mind “ What I get ” going into this heat ?

We will try to give you ideas and talk about what it takes more this time .

Girls, has become the skinny jeans , legging pants celebrity style , are what ‘s hot this year. Of course we have plenty of styles, because the variety is the spice . Texans are modernized and see pants in stretch fabric with leatherette inlay that gives a close style leggings and making them a very sexy piece of clothing to enhance our curves .

Another trend is to the upside of trousers to market accessories, such as jeans with belt included or pulling lovely youthful style skinny jeans with suspenders in neon shades provide a very powerful look to our aesthetic.

Of course can not miss the classic jeans made ​​with stretch fabric and decorated with all kinds of studs and sparkling rhinestones that will make you shine these warm summer nights ahead of us .


Perfect for these day – time is between long-sleeved shirts , is the tendency of create a fabric with silk touch that makes them so comfortable and versatile.

The low-cut blouses will make you feel sexy and combine well with everything, are a perfect piece of clothing for every occasion . Besides formal style shirts are very popular for all kinds of uses, provide an executive look that will make you feel elegant at all times.

As always more fashionable shirts bring new trends : animalprint prints like leopard or giraffe are in vogue, are also seeing gold accents, and , as in blue jeans , leatherette inlays make these shirts are a stylish and perfect modern to get at this time of year.


Let’s talk now of a trend that has been increasing over the years, this 2014 has finally declared the definitive arrival of the leggings.

We patterned leggings , imitation leather , zippers … The imagination of designers shooting with these garments .

As you know they all leggings are a great piece of clothing to stylize your figure with its stretch fabric and bold designs that will conquer more than one.

The styles are of all kinds, with effects in gold , prints, plaid retro style and even leggings with pockets and zippers with golden color or silver are perfect for getting a sexy costume that makes you feel good is now spring temperatures rise and look more figure goes into the street.


Finally we will talk about that get in the sunny beach this summer. We bring clothes day and night .

The sexy swimwear can not miss , it appeared that since the arrival of bikini everything had changed , as has happened again , the trikinis are fashionable. What is right on the beach is the swimsuit one piece , with bold designs that emphasize the silhouette.

Intense colors , that’s why the colors are vivid trikinis best to dazzle on any beach in the world are conducted. Rhinestones and bright swimsuits these spectacular that will leave more than one I dumbfounded at the beach is also added .

But not everything was going to be sun water and sand after a bath needed a good session terrace and walk , so also will discuss the blouses that have returned to the window .

These shirts with unique design and crochet fabric are best for those cool summer evenings that allow us to charge batteries for another session trikini , sun bath .

In conclusion, this year is full of new clothes to help you stylize your figure to look like you deserve with the heat of summer . All these proposals mentioned in the post can be found in the province of Barcelona, ​​in “ Agil Store

TRENDS OF SPRING 2014: Exclusive Leggings Pattern, Pants with Patches Elastics, Velvet Jackets … All kinds of garments Halftime!

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Flirtatious woman long sleeve coat lined with soft velvet exterior, with elegant cut scoop neck ideal for highlighting in all types of events.

Exclusive trousers woman’s body elastic and soft tissue set, emphasizing the female silhouette with elegance and comfort, Low-rise and two fabrics fashion design effect: imitation leather and printed cotton.

Practice and youth jacket with warm lined hood zipper closed hair, casual style decorated with leather elbow patches to excel in all types of events combinable with all garments.

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Sophisticated long legging pants with elastic waist for comfort chic animal print design made ​​of soft, elastic and shiny fabric to wear with many garments and combinable looks.

Modern elastic pants skinny guy with a casual look with a body-effect design practical pockets and two side bands with original garments that visually lengthen legs silhouette styling.

Flattering leggings elastic fine woman soft velvet touch and unique design with pleated skirt decorated with side zippers creating a sensual and unique effect.

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Indispensable cigarette trousers customizable to any type of figure flattering comfortably Stressing the multicolor pattern to match all kinds of garments and perfect for everyday looks.

Flattering and practical trousers Tregging that enhances the figure combinable with all garments, comfortable stretch fabric, faux leather, soft to the touch with zipper pockets decorated with gold, to shine in all types of events.

Skinny tight cropped style elastic waist legging to comfortably fit the female figure with patterns to highlight exclusively in all types of events.


TRENDS FW: Long Dresses Provocative necklines to highlight in Drinks receptions and Party

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Word of Honor Dress Short Elastic Studded

Brilliant short dress with elastic neckline shocking leaving bare shoulders neckline with pointed studs that enhance the female breast to triumfar in all kinds of parties and cocktails !

Exclusive effect two pieces short dress with rhinestones at the waist to emphasize the female figure, small sleeve V-neckline with flattering lace front detail perfect for any occasion .

Sensational short elastic dress to enhance the female figure suggestive strapless neckline decorated with studs creating a winding effect throughout the garment following the most modern , perfect to seduce exclusively in all kinds of parties trend.

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Evening Dress for Women with Sequins Neckline Provocative

Glamorous long dress flattering open neckline design with provocative cross decorated with sequins, adjustable spaghetti straps stretch fabric , soft, perfectly fit for all kinds of figures highlighting feminine curves gracefully.

Spectacular long prom dress for woman with sexy slit neckline with sexy V neck decorated with studs , elegant sleeveless design for added comfort and styling draped neckline enhancing the silhouette.

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Short Party Dress Cleavage on Back

Fancy dress flattering long cut design very feminine , leaving suggestive asymmetrical neckline one shoulder , perfect for highlighting the curves gracefully in all kinds of parties and cocktails stretch .

Feminine and sensual stretch short dress with spaghetti straps and heart -shaped neckline to seduce with tight fitting skirt topped with flirty ideal for highlighting events in all kinds of flyers.

Stylish and elegant short dress elastic leaving bare shoulders with dramatic halter in suggestive shine ideal for all kinds of parties and cocktails semi sheer lace .

LATEST TRENDY FASHION: indispensable party dresses, sweaters unique design, fashion corset tops, …


Boat Neck Long Sleeve Dress in Two Colors

Flirtatious tight dress to the body enhancing the figure of the woman , with flattering boat neck giving the impression of increased light and soft to the touch fabric with a printed front two ideal to wear in any situation colors.

Fashion short dress in stretch fabric tight to the body, exclusive design strapless neckline with flattering striped pattern decorated with a shiny corset waist giving a very sensual air ideal for highlighting with elegance in all kinds of events .

Sexy short chemise top of flattering neckline , finished in a sexy zipper to seduce elegantly highlighting the female form in all kinds of parties and cocktails.


Fashion Jersey Length Zipper on Back

Essential long jersey modern and contemporary design of flattering round neckline , knit fabric emphasizing feminine curves with elegant zipper in the back to dazzle this season.

Flattering long sleeve sweater with a modern and original design , wide V neckline with gold sequined detail traveling the length of the garment , ideal to combine with all kinds of garments in any situation.

Chic dress U -neck sleeveless straps for comfort with cross design on the back of tight stretch the body to combine with all kinds of accessories for every occasion.



Worn Jeans Skinny Pants

Comfortable jeans trendy urban casual style cigarette type with pockets, low waist with flattering washed effect finish and details worn on the legs decorated with studs and sequins, perfectly combined with all kinds of clothes and looks .

Mesh womens wool tricot whimsical point that is perfectly suited to the figure, with an original finish on a soft tassel on top , decorated with shiny sequins on the front , ideal for protection from the cold thanks to this original and coquettish hat available in multiple colors to match all kinds of clothes .

Woman scarf type neck soft spot closed with colored threads creating a very urban and original to protect from the cold with the hottest style effect. Casual closed womens wool fancy yarn with metallic surround and warm chunky knit perfect to wear with all kinds of garments foulard .


Fishnet Adjusted for Woman with Holes

Legging type pants party with comfortable elastic waist with curves highlighting chic, eye-catching pattern in metallic to seduce all kinds of events in glamorous shades.

Smart trousers legging type of formal design comfortable elastic waist decorated pockets to distinguish the figure in all kinds of parties and events. Formal Women’s leggings to fit curves exclusively to enhance the silhouette and combine with all kinds of clothes .


Elegant Long Sleeve Short Dress Transparent

Exclusive short dress elastic body lean shape , asymmetrical design effect elegant two pieces with flattering scoop neckline creating a transparent fabric ideal for dazzling at parties and cocktails very sensual style set .

Stylish mini dress tight to the body emphasizing the female figure, sensual asymmetric neckline decorated with rhinestones on the bust giving great feeling to shine in all kinds of parties and cocktails rise.

Sexy long dress sleeveless neckline and back zipper closed front , sleeveless for comfort stretch fabric draping that enhances the female figure to dazzle during all seasons corset effect.


Point Short Dress with Sensual Straps Zipper

Exclusive mini short set of wide straps with a striking casual design decorated with zippers on the shoulder and walking the length of the garment creating an ideal to dazzle in all kinds of events dress very sensual effect . Winter dress form-fitting knit emphasizing the female figure with elegance , sexy design with rounded neckline decorated with original zippers to shine during all seasons.

Fashion design sexy dress exclusive stretch fabric tight to the body to highlight the curves of women. Short dress with V neckline stunning spaghetti straps decorated with studs and spikes that enhances the female bust gracefully to dazzle in all kinds of parties and events!

Comfortable and young women coat with hood and pockets practical zipper and warm lining ideal to combine with all kinds of garments in sporting and leisure events fleece.