New Trends in T-shirts, dresses and sweaters with designs Sexy

Autumn is here and with it begins a new trend with unique proposals to make curves with style

We started this post talking about the entrance to a change of climate that often surprises us with days of freezing winds and other sunny with a warm memory of summer we are going.

In this report we propose fashion the latest sexy fashion trends in apparel as shirts and Tops, Fancy Dress for all types of events, and finally, Knits and Sweaters for women long and short, with winter designs for begin our fall with personality, marking sexy curves.


To dismiss the warm summer opt for shirts and tops with marked where innovasión styles and creativity, with details that make the difference we are surprised.

This is the case of baggy shirts with very soft touch fabric silk effect, that will give our outfit a youthful, comfortable touch and put aside the elegance it brings to nuetsro style in bright colors such as mint green, electric blue pattern of stripes, emerald green and gray with black.

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Let’s talk about Fashion .. Shirts, Dresses and More .. to Shine this Summer!

A very summer temperature and style

Are already in the August and at this time we can not ignore the importance of our image.

That’s why these days of holidays always have the ability to showcase our figure with several proposals that will be able to complement your whole wardrobe.

Womens shirts and tops with lots of personality and very original designs to highlight our curves with a casual style with its own effect.
The prints never go out of style and stripes of bright colors, we demonstrate that the sailor style is always a good option that will provide a youthful and elegant touch to our most beach, country or city slicker look.
Off cuts of myocardial called exclusivity thanks to its original design marked by colored lace on the back that is exposed by its semitransparent fabric decorated with delicate bonds of the same color.

Top con lazos y encaje con calaveras, camiseta de rayas con lazos y encaje

Another similar style that is becoming increasingly popular is the embroidery colors are usually carried on the back in garments like tops both printed or plain colors always called by its original effect.

Sexy top con escote con encaje en la espalda, camiseta sexy con la espalda bordada
We propose dazzle with this style top with black embroidery on the back, which is becoming more usual, thanks to the convenience that it offers us a fresh, sexy air, which can also be supplemented with all our clothing, in all ages the year.

These womens tops, which are available in various colors, give our look sensual and unique touch, marked by the latest trends that are re inventing not forget that this piece will always be present, but more original modifications that highlights our figure.

Top con tigre estampado de manga corta, camiseta con tigre estampado sexy
Another trend that is making a lot this year is torn style fashion, pants, dresses, shirts or tops are becoming more common to see in bright holes in all the points of the garment, which give our image a bold and sexy effect .

That is why we present these original shirts in stretch fabric with holes that stand out in our back and arms, which can be found in various colors to choose for us mark trend with style and a sultry air that stick perfectly with our whole wardrobe.

Sexy top con estampado atado en la espalda, camiseta atada con estampados
Continuing prints that stand out in all kinds of clothing .. We show this style sweetheart neckline top with bow-tie our neck exposing our back. A unique and striking proposal that will highlight our curves and to shine when we take on, thanks to its glued rhinestones under the bust, giving us to understand that the exclusivity provided by the timeless brilliance.

We continue with the brightness, but this time featuring sequin us that today is being used not only for prom dresses.

Also see setting trends in clothing of the youth, current and sexy fashion for women of all ages, clothing such as tops and shirts, as is the case with this V-neck top embellished with sequins 2 colors highlighted in the shoulders and bust of the woman, creating a unique and sophisticated look that we can mix with all our clothing in all seasons.

Sexy top con escote v con pedreria en X, camiseta muy sensual con acentuado escote
We shine to remind the network fabric is reinventing itself. Clothing of all kinds are increasingly being a regular part of our wardrobe. It is the case of the top network for women with long sleeve fitted low-cut design that we can mix with pants, leggings, skirts, etc.. As an ideal complement if we wish to give our look a very sexy effect and daring that will highlight our curves.

Sexy top de red con vientre al aire, camiseta corta de red y manga larga

The sexy fashion is taking in all the women’s clothing, fall to our imagination, we embroidered on the back and the brightness does not leave anyone indifferent, that is why this same philosophy we apply to tops and dresses as in the case of this daring sexy dress with striking backless with embroidery and shiny rhinestones decorating that will shine and highlight the color of our skin.

Espectacular vestido corte asimetrico estilo flamenco, vestido corto escote v sexy con volantes
As the sexy style is not for everyone, we also present a more casual and elegant style dresses neckline, which offers a sophisticated and original touch to our look.
Vestido largo tejido tipo gasa, vestido largo elegante con o sin cinturon incluido
Long dresses and casual chic style are the perfect bet if we wish to highlight a unique touch on important events such as weddings, christenings, and parties of all kinds.
Events that dazzled regardless of the season of the year. This proposed effect long dresses with silk fabric available in 10 colors and 2 styles to choose from, with or without a belt, with or without lace flowers on the back, perfect clothing option that offers comfort and style in all our events
Vestido sexy de palabra de honor con pliegues, vestido con pliegues sexy de coctel
And finally we present the original, especially designed for our proposal more formal events, cocktail dresses with sweetheart neckline, which highlights a unique style corset in the back with adjustable ties and gauzy skirt to the knee satin effect fabric which will deliver more comfort and chic partying our look.

We conclude this space dedicated to the hottest fashion and much more, reminding them that if you liked these unique styles, we find in with physical store open to the public, in the province of Barcelona, ​​exactly Taradell, Osona.
Thank you for following us and for a future entry.

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To all followers of our blog, we present a new report with the latest trends in fashion sexy this summer with unique proposals.

Summer is here and the heat, clothing increasingly smaller and thus much skin to show. Therefore we offer a myriad of new ideas to complement our wardrobe and likewise dazzle with a garment that is back in fashion but with a more provocative and elegant style that will to shine in all of our events, highlighting our color skin and curves with a sexy and sophisticated effect.


The bodys returning to the fore and with ever more daring designs, such as this outfit with style swimsuit that covers the bust with an elongated triangle that will tie our neck for a comfortable subject, which also surrounds you with a gold cord that is attached to the back to give a proper fit, which also features a shiny stone hanging adorning our neckline to highlight and give a chic effect.

Another similar style but with a design marked by the “Vintage” effect is shown by this Body with embroidery on the top and neck which also stands out for its striking backless.


A different and original style that will make us stand with a sophisticated effect while mesclamos with all types of clothing, and style is more casual, formal or day to day.
An outfit that we can choose for our summer events and summer with two colors to choose blank “Ibiza” or black “night” which will mark a unique and sensual style.

We can not remain indifferent to the new styles of bodys being estilando in programs like “Women and Men and Vice Versa” where suitors and tronista look your figure with these clothes that make them look spectacular and sexy, making a fashion trend ultra Sensual not leave anyone indifferent.


Sensual and striking are the new proposals in the “Fashion Body” that are sticking this summer, an ideal if we wish to highlight our curves with an original and unique style that will give our look add a bold touch.

Bodys we also find similar designs but with bold prints in black and white curves give our eye-catching style in all seasons.


Bodys original prints to blend in with all our clothing designs. Bodys animal print, stripes zig zag, polka dots or pictures “Vintage” all adorned with semi transparent mesh short sleeve for summer days or nights where we highlight our style with an original and sexy effect.

Likewise also we suggest a style Long Sleeve Bodysuit transparencies or animal prints leopard print for the freshest days where time is not a barrier to want to emphasize our guy.


We are committed than ever to lace fashion and we can look at dresses, pants, Bodys as in this case or all garments on the planet. The bodys with lace will give your look a sexy, sophisticated effect that can look in all seasons, with its long sleeve design with floral lace pattern in black color that gives warmth in winter and cool and casual touch for the summer.

We continue talking about this fantastic garment that offers a different and exclusive option, such as “Bodys Leopard”


Bodys leopard prints with warm colors such as brown animal print or violet with personality that mark our own tendency to show off the figure. Bodysuits Long Sleeve, stretch, rounded neckline C that will give a stylish touch our figure and daring that can mix with short or long pants or skirts many styles.

To end this post I propose a Body winter we can look at the most refreshing nights this time. We speak of the Body and neck knit top.


Bodys with one and only fact that our curves will give an elegant and sophisticated thanks to its bright colors that can complement your wardrobe yet, giving our look at the possibility of setting trends while highlight the curves thanks to its tissue elastic and soft that gives us comfort and warmth.

To conclude our report on the latest fashion trends sexy suggest you visit the online store with físisca Agil Store Shop in Barcelona where you will find all these outfits and more.

It is one of the few stores that rewards us with interesting surprise gifts and discounts by choosing it.

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Hi all welcome to another installment of our fashion blog as well known.

This time we suggest a handful of new features with vivid colors and fashionable this summer dress perfect for precious prints.


First we bring jeans, trends bring us beautiful designs with details on everything.

Come back with cowboy wear or effect of stonewashed so fashionable a few years ago, worn takes, besides replacing zippers for many buttons that give these pants a chic and stylish touch.

Another thing is cute denim with synthetic leather parts imitating leather effect with a unique and perfect design to match anything.


Following pants, here we show a beautiful skintight trousers pirate leg lean shape and inlaid with great leopard print on certain parts giving it a very unique fashion touch, and automatically put in all radar trends . Also in this case has a built this fabulous pirate belt.


And ending with pants, leggings we show the best of the season. Tight leather style is worn to enhance the legs and figure sexy woman of today. Also known as the most fashionable Treggings come with gold inlay studs on finished making these items a few pieces of art for our figures. Then there are also models with two colors very chic and perfect to combine with all your wardrobe unique designs.


We continue with original T-shirts in bright colors that are sweeping this summer. Proposals to dazzle in any event, mixing all your clothes.

Tops and shirts with waterfall neckline or fallen very sexy neckline with silver brooch on one shoulder and spectacular colors like emerald green or red cayenne being a revelation in these times.

Also see the tops again with transparent parts in lace, mesh or network, strategically placed to make us look sexy and stunning in this season of heat and sun.


Beautiful blouses and shirts that come in this summer season to make us shine anywhere with patterns of stripes that give our look sophisticated and sexy touch. Unique styles that certainly betting a strong fashion trend this summer.

Moreover shiny studded details and badges always bring great beauty to garments and exclusivity with a unique and very chic air.

Moreover one of the things that we will never and we love are the ties in the back that give a delicate beauty to our clothes, in this case combined with a lace covering the back and creates a wonderful garment.

Finally, for more casual moments can not miss t-shirts with prints of vintage images and texts with sexy look to compliment our style.


We finish with two beautiful styles of tops and shirts that are also worth a special mention.

A lovely lace top with bare chest and arms with sleeves ideal to combine with all our outfits providing original prints, bright colors and contemporary cut shoulders.

In conclusion, many models come and perfect to enjoy a different fashion, casual styles and casual touch.

Look no further, you can find all these great suggestions and more at Agil Website with physical store in Barcelona.

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Find out about the latest fashion!

Welcome to another edition of our fashion blog where we update you on the latest trends that sweep across the world.

This time we will give an overview of different types and styles of clothes especially focused on fantastic summer arriving soon.


Let’s start discussing a type of garment perhaps little used so far but that comes from going strong worldwide, the monkeys integral takes a lot.

Displaying see what you get with a common factor, which is what vintage is fashionable.

One of the retro trends that is setting the pace is the floral prints, the integral motif prints like bright flowers and accessories are perfect for these summer days, even to the beach for your comfort and aesthetics loose.

Secondly prints have horizontal border with different colors, very vintage, it is something that always comes back and love, this time combined with a truly great colorful garment is created.

Finally we have some monkeys at night, perfect for all types of evening events for its slim fit and embroidered details are ideal for cocktail parties if you look good and will not go unnoticed.


We continue with the suits-pants, in this case of shorts, these monkeys are even more summery and with a cool design.

Again vintage prints are dominant, in this case we found a palm print Hawaiian style great for hot days combined with colorful garments have a perfect clothes for the beach or any outdoor event.

It also takes the neck crop, ie neck collar loose or fallen, sometimes below the neckline leaving other fabric thus creating original designs with character.


And how could it be otherwise, prints also add to the dresses, creating wonders as you see in the image.

The print dresses with tied neck, almost word for honor, are perfect for any outdoor event and give a cool summer air to your wardrobe.

The vintage prints with floral borders or take again, and as we like!


And when the sun sets arrive spectacular evening dresses very original and beautiful.

The short tight cocktail dresses to stylize your curves and skirt effect for an original design perfect for those summer nights in all kinds of parties where you want to look good and do not go unnoticed. These two colors dresses with bright colors and animal prints are really beautiful and very fashion.

Moreover the summer of smooth and bright vivid pastel gowns are perfect for any summer event. With ruffles and soft tissue these dresses look much promise this summer around the globe.


Last but not least, bikinis!

These swimsuits are the last of the last to sunbathe or swim in a wonderful golden beach anywhere in the world with style and knowing that one is fashionable.

The sequined bikinis are perfect to shine upon the sand of the beach this summer with these colorful animalprint and safe bathing suits that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Second, in line with current fashion, bikinis come with prints of vintage style with great maritime motifs for a touch of character to your summer bathrooms.

The striped bikinis can not miss every year on our beaches, now refurbished with a younger and fresh style bathing suits these never go out of fashion.

And to finish as the most in bikinis, the latest fashion that we will soon see scattered all beaches and pools on the planet, swimsuits simulating lingerie, just great, these bikinis with embroidery and aesthetics of sexy lingerie They are what we liked most of this new batch of great clothes comes this summer.


We also have wonderful strapless tops with a variety of great colors as fashionable as cayenne red, orange celosia or emerald green. These tops with patterns of dots or plain designs have a modern and striking exclusive design.

Moreover shirts woman executive style with great color combinations are the order of the day with beautiful necklines and always classy.


Demos also welcome leggings, perfect for summer evenings, with different colors like red vogue as cayenne, almost coral, that will make this summer a colorful and joyous time. The leggings pants with zippers are integrated imitating what you get.


Finally, we have rather baggy shirts and spectacular styles.

On the one hand slightly transparent blouses with all kinds of decorations such as bows and always as trendy as mint or emerald coral colors.

We also have the coats ideal for the beach with bright fluorescent colors and very fashionable as seen as red cayenne that Pantone is the color fashionable at the moment, and you just have to approach a beach level to view all parts.

Finally tees with prints very wide image and ideal for modern stylish dress this summer.

In conclusion, as the saying goes, everything returns, and vintage fashion with bold and sexy new additions are what lies ahead this summer as expected by all. So you know, you go and fashion garment for your non quedaros back!

As you know you can find all these and other great items in Agil Store shopping online or physical store in Barcelona.

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